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Debunking Myths about the Vietnam War

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Declassified American, Communist and non-Communist Vietnamese, Chinese and Soviet documents, along with memoirs of many of those key Communist and non-Communist players demonstrate that much of what we were taught about the Vietnam War simply is not true.

The Mission of this website is to improve the public image of the Vietnam Veteran by dispelling myths and falsehoods perpetrated against Vietnam Veterans by the liberal media and other likeminded groups.

The actions of a few bad apples were capitalized upon by those antiwar advocates who (however well meaning they may or may not have been) leveraged and publicized the bad actions of those few to further and perpetuate their antiwar agenda.

Ignoring the rules established by members of their own profession, they used biased and slanted reporting and editing to influence American public opinion.

For a deeper understanding of the shady methods the media used, read Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War.

This process of preparing the blogs for this site includes the following academic procedures:

Why is this important?

Research indicates that the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are exacerbated when the patient believes there was no cause or reason for the traumatic experience.

For example: The false claim that the Vietnam War was a useless war serves to increase the Combat Veterans' suffering and instill an undue sense of guilt for his or her participation. This exacerbates PTSD in the Vietnam Veteran.

Similarly, the Media's consistant hammering on the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, may cause many of the same issues to arise for Iraq Veterans.

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Consider for a minute, if the police planned a raid on a drug house and someone leaked that info to the drug dealer, would he or she still have any drugs in the house for the police to find?

Of course not.

Yet Saddam had over 60 days warning that we were coming. Whether he had any or not, it is ridiculous to think he would still have them when we arrived. (Unless he planned to use them against us. Considering our arsenal of WMDs, even he was not that stupid.) Is it any wonder we weren't able find any WMDs?

Yet the media continues to harp on the absence of WMDs in Iraq as if that were the only proof they need to declare the Bush Administration to be liars and the invasion of Iraq to be immoral.

If that's not enough, then consider that the 58,193 names on the Wall represent real people who served, whether they wanted to or not, fought and paid the ultimate price. They do not deserve to be called losers, or to have that false stigma belittling their sacrifice.

A glossary of terms used during the Vietnam War.

The Myths about the Vietnam War

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Myths Introduction.

So much new information is now available because of declassification of both American and Communist government documents and memoirs of players on both sides that a reevaluation of our views of the Vietnam War (American War to the Vietnamese) is demanded. Follow this link for the rest of the introduction.


Myth 1: The Falling Domino Theory was a hoax.

The press tried to isolate the domino theory to Indochina, but actually it developed because there were 22 dominoes in Europe alone that fell to Communist aggression following World War II.
Add Cuba, Communist China, North Korea and North Vietnam to that list and it becomes obvious that Indochina was only a small part of the concern over the global communist threat. Communist insurgencies flared up in many other Asian and South American countries as well. Follow this link for more information with references.


MYTH 2: Vietnamization was a failure.

The US originally sent combat troops into Vietnam in 1965 to shore up the ARVN until they could rebuild themselves into a fighting organization that could withstand the Soviet and Chinese supported Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army. It just took so long for the ARVN to get their act together that we all forgot why we were there in the first place.


MYTH 3: Government lies caused the Credibility Gap.

The Credibility Gap

An analysis of miscommunication between the US Media and the US Government during the Vietnam War

One heavily used buzzword (buzzphrase) during the Vietnam Era was the "Credibility Gap". It was a phrase coined by the media to draw attention to the gap between what the government was telling the reporters and what they believed to be true.

Myth: The media was credible and the government was not.

In this blog entry I put the Credibility Gap under a microscope.

Who was Credible?

The US press appeared willing to take the word of the communists at face value. Yet spokespersons of the US Government were treated as if they were not only lying, but as if they were the only liars in the world.


Myth 4: American Vietnam Veterans were bloodthirsty war criminals.

A book review of Nick Turse’s Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam.
by Rick Simonson

Nick Turse collected data from several documented cases of atrocities committed by American and allied troops against South Vietnamese citizens whom he claims were civilians.

Additionally, he interviewed subjectively selected witnesses, mostly former members of the Vietcong, combining that data with his interpretation of the official records to form the core of his book.

Turse then extrapolates his shaky data as some kind of basis to form outrageous accusations against Vietnam Veterans in general. He applies twisted logic in a misguided attempt to demonstrate his highly biased yet unfounded claims.

I will, in several parts, examine his claims, compare them with the facts and provide what I believe the reader will find to be a more realistic interpretation of the data.

Enjoy Turse Part I


There are tons more myths that will be uploaded as time permits to write about them. Follow me on facebook at Correcting Vietnam War Myths for updates on new postings, Thanks for viewing.

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